Small packages

hey-thereHey There! is a smallish piece, just 5″ x 5″. We’re having fun working tiny for a change; not much room for decorative detail, just the tattoo.

It’s a bit rough and sketchy, but since it’s one of the first in this size, we thought we’d leave it this way, for comparison to more completed panels later on.


Below is another tiny one, called Things Are Looking Up. Once again, an early version, another one where we went only so far with the paint, leaving a lot unpainted. Hey, it worked for Hans Holbein.

things-are-looking-up-(sm)With something this small, it’s easy to just set it aside and push the next ones a little further, especially since we kinda like the sketchy feel. Not overworked.

When started this it was rotated 90° counter clockwise, with the girl coming in from the side like a carved figurehead on an old sailing ship, but when we were adding the tattoo it got turned on its side, and we liked how making the tattoo figure vertical gave it more importance visually, especially since it almost seems like it’s more finished than the main figure.

Images and text © John & Wendy

Flowers & Fur

Here’s a piece we collaborated on with British artist Michelle Harvey when she was over visiting from the U.K. last month. We got the ball rolling with a hint of a sketch and passed it back and forth a few times, with Michelle coming on strong at the finish.

It’s really cool how she integrated the pink star outline just above the wolf’s eye. The kitty looks a little unsure about the whole business (and who wouldn’t be?).


You can see more of Michelle’s work here.

© 2010 Michelle Harvey and John & Wendy


Here are detail shots from a couple of recent watercolors; gouache, ink  and pencil on paper. Need to work a little more in future on drawing the birds. Plenty of rough edges; not sure if fussing and finessing would be a plus or a minus. Tempting to leave well-enough alone and do new ones. Still looking at Botticelli.

Just Another Queen (detail)
The Word (detail)

Images and text © John & Wendy


This is a mixed-bag of new and nearly new work on paper, inspired by big hair: from Marie Antoinette and Masterpiece Theatre, up through the B-52s and Amy Winehouse. And ads in fashion magazines, especially for accessories: sunglasses, bracelets and hair bows.

There’s something Japanese going on with the flowers and sort-of clouds. The faces, though, aren’t nearly as anime influenced as in some past work; we’re getting away from that a bit, it seems. Bird, Book and Sandal feels a bit Mod fashion-wise. The birds came from sketches done in Bryant Park in New York City; good sparrows there. The ribbons and chains are fun to draw.

Drop In
Bird, Book and Sandal
Then, Again
A Beginning
Birds and Bows

Images and text © John & Wendy

Progress report


This one’s close to finished; a couple of loose ends to tidy up, but hopefully not too fussy. Still miss the speed of watercolor, but we really like the woodgrain ground. When we were taking a picture of the painting up on the roof, one of our neighbors came up and said it looked nice. I doubt she would have said it looked rotten, but something in the tone of her voice sounded sincere.

Images and text © John & Wendy